Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Birth Story

Pregnancy was nothing like I expected and neither was my delivery. I am slowly learning I need to stop setting expectations. 

The doctor had decided it was best for me to be induced at 38 weeks. My placenta wasn't delivering nutrients like it should to the baby. The baby was head down and we were scheduled for an induction on September 3. The doctor warned me it could take 3 days. I laughed because I thought he was kidding. He was NOT kidding as I was about to learn. 

We had to call labor & delivery at 4pm on the 3rd. I couldn't wait until 4pm, so I called at 3:15pm. One nurse said she couldn't find me on the list. I about lost it! She transferred me to the head nurse at that time. She found me on the list and asked us to come in at 7:30pm. We dropped Sammy off at the inlaws. We told him we would see him in a couple days. We had dinner, put our stuff in the car and headed to the hospital. For the first time in over a week I was no longer nervous. 

We arrived at the hospital where we were put in a triage room. There weren't any rooms clean at the moment. The doctor came in to talk to us on the plan for the evening. As long as the baby heart rate stayed up they would keep the pitocin on until the baby came, but if his heart rate dropped we needed to talk about a c section. The doctor checked me and I was a finger tip dilated. At 10pm they set us up in a room and started pitocin. Around 11pm the contractions mildly started. I could feel them sporadic. Art went to sleep and I watched the clock. I was way too excited to get to sleep. I think I slept 2-3 hours all night. It didn't help the nurses kept coming into the room too. 

The next morning (Sept 4) it was crazy town in L&D. So many babies being born. We were put on the back burner since the active labor took priority. The nerve. lol  I was able to shower, walk around and then hooked back up on pitocin. They decided to try a balloon catheter to try to get me to dilate more. I was only a 1 at this point. Oh the pressure I felt when it was put in. Holy bazooka! I kept breathing because I knew giving birth was going to be a lot worse. My doctor was on call, so we were REALLY hoping the baby would come when he was on call. He told the other doctor on call if I went into labor to call him, so he could come deliver the baby. 

The next morning (Sept 5) around 5am the doctor came to check me after they removed the balloon catheter and I was a whooping 2. The doctor stripped my membranes at this point to help get things moving. That was ROUGH! Contractions starting coming a little closer together. I finally lost my mucus plug after the membranes were stripped. Early afternoon the doctor on call came in & broke my water. She said I should start to feel contractions in about an hour. HA! I started to feel them right away. It got painful REALLY fast. I asked the nurse what type of pain meds I could have. I could have one that was put in my IV that would make me feel like I was drunk or an epidural. I asked for the drunk drug after 41 hours of labor. I needed something to take the edge off the pain. 

I got one taste of pain free and knew I wasn't going to make it without an epidural. Art had been pushing for me to get an epidural because he couldn't handle seeing me in pain. I asked the nurse when I could get an epidural? She said right now if you want it. I said get there here before these drugs wear off. 

I had been throwing up throughout the day. I had to asked the anesthesiologist to wait while I threw up. It took about 15-20 minutes to get the epidural put in. I felt relief almost immediately when it was started. I could see on the monitor the contractions were coming harder and faster. I couldn't feel a thing. Why I had this crazy idea not to get an epidural I have NO idea! Bring on the drugs!!! No reason to be a hero when it comes to pain. 

At 10pm I was at a 3. We decided it was time to get some sleep because it could be awhile still. I had decided at that point the baby would come on Sunday. I was so hungry and thirsty. I asked my nurse if I could have a popsicle. She brought me a grape one. I HATE grape, but I wasn't going to complain at this point. It was the best grape popsicle I have ever tasted in my life. One of my internal monitors fell off around midnight, so the doctor checked me I was a 4. Finally moving along. At 1:45am the doctor came to check me because I was starting to get a fever and I was a 5. A fever never developed! My temp had started to go up, but went right back to normal. 

At around 2am I woke up to a lot of pressure. I really felt I had to go to the bathroom. Part of me was embarrassed because how was I going to do that? Finally I called the nurse at 3am. I told her I am having A LOT of pressure. The nurse said that is a good thing because your body is progressing. She went to get the doctor to check me. The doctor said not much will probably have changed in the past hour. I remember looking at the clock and it was 3:15am. The doctor checked me and I was a NINE!!!!! WHAT!!!! She said I probably had another hour before I was a 10 and a couple hours of pushing. My body was telling me this was going to be a lot faster than an hour to get to a 10. I called my BFF to come to the hospital. She arrived at 3:45am right when I started to push. 

At first the nurse was counting. She was annoying to me how she would get to 9 and hold it for way tooooo long. Finally Art took over counting. It was calming to me to hear him count. I had been pushing for about 40 minutes when I thought this is never ending the doctor said push one more time he is almost out. Then I hear he is here. I thought I would push the head out and have to push the rest of his body out. Once the babies head came out the rest of his body just came out. They laid him on a blanket on my chest while they cleaned him off. I started rubbing his little feet then he started crying. I started crying because he was finally here. My little miracle!!!! At that moment the 51 hours of labor was worth it! I would have done it all over again. 

Arthur George was born at 4:28am 5 pounds 8 ounces 20 inches long. 


Anonymous said...

What a sweet sweet journey you and art have been on with a miracle at the end! Love Love Love!