Friday, October 24, 2014

Sleepy Boy!

This little man likes to sleep except between 2am-4am. Then he likes to party it up watching tv, snacking, talking, anything except sleeping. We have been trying to wake him up at night. It is almost impossible to wake him up at night. He gets fussy, cries and screams in our faces when we try to wake him up. Most of the time he just sleeps. I will sit him up, rub his feet, take his clothes off, change his diaper....nothing works. 

He LOVES to sleep beside me. I swore I would not let him sleep with me. Well when you are barely getting any sleep there comes a time you just want to sleep and will let your baby sleep wherever they want too. I know he is sound asleep when his little tongue is sticking out of his mouth like the picture above. He loves to have a blanket next to his face. Sometimes he moves the blanket over his face.

We were trying to wake him up above. He was yawning away. Cutest little baby yawn ever!

Laying in Nonna's bed trying to take a cat nap. He was asleep until I pulled out the camera then his eyes popped open. He likes his paci in his mouth until he falls asleep. Once he fall asleep he wants his paci touching his lips, but not in his mouth.