Monday, October 12, 2015

Curious George 1st Birthday Party

I started planning George birthday probably when he was a couple months old. I was pinning things on Pinterest for months. I decided on Curious George right away! It was a perfect theme for our little Curious George!

I made the majority of the decorations, signs and banners. I had a lot of fun planning it until 2 days before then I started stressing. I now understand why people rent jumpy houses and order pizza. lol

Guest Book Table

I had a Curious George Birthday book for everyone to sign as the guest book. We have this large crate I covered with a table cloth on the sides and yellow wrapping paper over the top. I bought the clips and G from the $ section of Target & Michael's.

Birthday Cake Throne

I made the I Am One sign that wrapped around G's high chair. I bought the balloon on Amazon.

Dessert Table

I made the OOH AAH OOH AAH banner. My friend Krystal made the banana hanging in the middle. She also made the monkey face with the mustache.

The table I covered the sides with a table cloth, covered the top with yellow & white polka dot wrapping paper. We served cupcakes and banana splits. I made G's smash cake.

Chalk Board

Our chalk board in the kitchen I drew Go Banana's. I am no artist let me tell you! I probably redid it a couple times before the party.

Drink Area

I collected straws from the dollar section of Target and Michael's for a few months. Picture up some red solo cups from the dollar store. The yellow bucket is from the clearance section of Michael's. My nanny helped me cup all the tissue pom poms. They were pretty easy to make once we cut them all out. I was soooo grateful she helped me with things.

Front Yard

We had some leftover wood from the deck project. My father in law cut out the 1 and painted it a solid color. I painted the polka dots all over it.

Back Yard Photo Prop

I found a picture on Pinterest the above photo prop. I printed it out and asked my father in law to draw it out for me. I told him I would paint it if he could just draw it. Well my father in law not only drew it out, but he painted it. I was soooo happy! He did such an amazing job!
I painted the confetti and party hat.

George LOVES the monkey still. It is still in our backyard. He loves to go put his head through it and laughs away.

I didn't get a picture of the food table! I set up a taco bar. Ground beef, shredded chicken, pinto beans, all the fixing for tacos, tortilla chips and salsa. Oh it was delicious! I take after my great grandma and mom. I cooked for an entire army. We had 5 pounds of ground beef left over and probably 2 pounds of beans. lol Good things those things freeze well.

The party turned out perfect! It was a lot of work, but so worth it. It was such a fun afternoon spending time with our family and friends celebrating our little boy 1st year. He was worn out after the party and took a long nap.