Thursday, October 29, 2015

Peanut Allergy

Back in August George broke out in hives after eating some peanut butter. I emailed his pedi pictures and questions. She said they would do additional testing at this 1 year appointment in about 2 weeks, but to avoid peanut butter until then.

We did some blood work and found out he had a peanut allergy. We then met with the allergist for additional testing. Poor buddy is very allergic to peanuts. We have to carry epi pens with us at all time. They do not take chances these days with peanut allergies. The allergist told us if we even think he ate it use the epi pen.

We can't eat peanuts around him, touch him after we have ate him and we need to brush our teeth if we eat them. So far it has been ok. I have replaced peanut butter with almond butter.

Recently we flew. I just asked the man beside us if he could not eat the peanuts. My concern was that George would try to grab the peanut wrapper or grab one. Thankfully the guy was super nice about it. He had an allergy to bee stings and carried an epi pen.

About 2 weeks after we had him tested he broke out in the rash on the right. It was scary! We rushed him to the ER. We weren't sure if he had another severe allergy or what was going on. It looked like a huge puff hive all around his mouth. On the way to the ER I was on the phone with them asking if we should use the epi pen. They said if we knew for sure he didn't eat any peanuts not to use it and just come right in. Just our luck the freeway was PACKED on a Saturday. It took us about 20 minutes. By the time we got there the rash was pretty much gone.

We did more testing on soy, strawberries and tomatoes. He is not allergic to anything. I hate having to do allergy testing on him. He cries so hard after the poke him. He is not a fan of the doctor anymore. The minute they come in the room with the stethoscope he starts screaming.
The picture on the left was after he had peanut butter. The hives are smaller. It was so weird he was allergic to the peanut butter. He had been eating Horizon peanut butter crackers for about a month before he broke out. He also had drank some of my smoothies with peanut butter in them. It took about a month for the allergy to show itself.

We will have him testing in a couple years to see if he outgrows it. In the mean time I am the crazy person reading all the packages in the store before I buy anything. It is crazy to me how many things are made with peanuts or in a peanut facility. We don't even take a chance with peanut facility items.