Monday, October 26, 2015

Sensory Paper Bag Book

There are a times I need to entertain George while I try to get things done around the house. He gets bored with the same toys day after day. We put some toys away and bring them out which is like WOW where did that come from?

I decided to make 3 boxes of different type of toys, crafty items he can play with 3 days a week. I have a lot of scrapbook items that are just sitting around my spare room. I decided to make him a book out of a paper bag.

I looked on Pinterest for some ideas of things to put in the boxes. I will blog about the boxes at a different time. I used them the other day and it was fabulous! He was soooo excited to go through the box and play with everything.

I used 3 paper bags. Folded them in half, punched holes in the end and tied it with string.

I had the stickers above in my collection. He likes to rub the mustache.

I am not sure how long these letters will stay on the page. He is trying to pick them off already. I hot glued them to the page. If he picks them off I can glue them back down.

In the pages that are open on the ends I cut cardstock to stick inside. I hot glued some twine to the page to make a G. Used stickers on the other pages.

I took a straw that was left over from his party, cut it and glued it to the page. He really liked the straw. The owl he lost interest in quickly.

The car sheet was his favorite. He played with that the most. Then he took it, folded it in half and shoved it back in the open section of the book. That is when I realized it will be lucky if the book lasts a month. lol

These books are so easy to make! You can just use items you have around the house or grab some items at the dollar store. Michaels' has cardstock on sale a lot of times for about $2-3 a pack of 50. Use a coupon and save 40-50%.