Thursday, February 11, 2016

Legging OOTD

Have you discovered Lularoe? What about their leggings? O-M-G those things feel like butter! Soooo soft and comfortable! I am struggling to understand why leggings aren't business wear. I feel people make uncomfortable clothing the items that we are "supposed" to be wearing. Why not make appropriate clothing the most comfortable! I wear leggings as many days a week as I can. lol I just love them!

Sporting my valentine leggings with slippers! My favorite work outfit when I am working at home.

Here are 4 of my 6 pairs of leggings - the others are in the wash or on the drying rack.

I'm wearing my Lularoe bow Irma top with just regular leggings in the picture above.

These leggings are Old Navy Yoga. They are sooooo comfy! I wear these probably the most during a week. Great to throw on after a day in the office.

The above leggings have arrows on them. You can't tell in the picture because of the poor lighting. These were probably my favorite. The first time I wore them I found a hole. Sadly these are no longer in my wardrobe. They have been replaced by a different design. I miss these beauties!