Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm officially a hippy!

I can't even believe what is coming out of my fingers onto the screen at the moment......brace yourselves. I'm starting to use essential oils. I have been the biggest eye roller for so long. Just though another bandwagon full of nonsense. 

I will say I don't use them on George and I don't ingest them either. Those 2 things have been a concern of mine. I think years down the road studies will come out about ingesting them. You have to be oh so careful with scents on children because of hormones and causing craziness!  That's a whole other post. I've been so very careful all of G 17+ months with perfumes. I've thrown all mine away, always bathed him after anyone held him wearing perfume yadda yadda. 

Anyhow back to the bandwagon I've now jumped on lol. I've been suffering with acne sooooo badly for the past few months ever since I stopped pumping my face went bonkers with hormones. Horrible cystic acne all along my jaw line. I've used coconut oil, ACV, medication, dove soap, no soap and the list goes on. When I went to refill my medication from the dermatologist I decided wait I need to see what natural thing will help acne. Well guess what it's lavender. I decided to try that before I picked up a harsh chemical. It's been a couple weeks and there is a HUGE difference. I have a few break outs right now but my monthly friend is visiting so I feel that's normal. 

The cystic are less and less. Less scaring. It's really amazing. Plus the lavender helps me relax at night.  I only put it on my face after I wash my face. I use dove soap and coconut oil to take off my make up. This combo is working. 

I suffer from headaches way too much. Migraines that send me to bed. The other day I had been suffering from a headache all day. I don't normally let them go on all day because they can lead to a migraine. I was trying to avoid taking Motrin. I tried peppermint oil on my temples. Within moments the headache was completely gone! 

I think my 30s have turned me into a hippy!