Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wrong Lotto

I rarely buy lotto tickets. When I do it is when the lotto is a huge amount. I have always said I have a better chance to get hit by lightening than to win the lotto. Or in my case I got hit by a rare type of thyroid cancer. Sometimes I forget just how rare it is. Let me give you some statics, so you understand how rare Medullary Thyroid Cancer is. Around 40% of people alive today will get some type of cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Out of the 40% there will be about 1% of those people with some type of thyroid cancer. Then 1-2% of the people with thyroid cancer will end up with Medullary Thyroid Cancer. Calculating all that out is around 600-1200 people each year will get MTC.

I realized recently that I actually have won a lotto. The lotto is a rare type of thyroid cancer. This is not the lotto I was looking to participate in. I didn't put my money in this jackpot. Part of me hopes that by joining this unlucky lotto I will be the 40%, so none of my family will have to go through this.

There are 2 things in life that have changed me and how I look at life. One is cancer and the second is all my miscarriages. I am a different type of mother because of these things. I try to soak in all the moments. I waited for this for so long. I don't know how long I have to enjoy these moments, so I am going to soak them up the best I can. If my son wants to keep a bottle at night until he is 3 fine. What is it going to hurt? If he wants to sleep with me until he is 7 we will make room. One day he will be grown up and we will wish he was yelling for momma to come get him.

My favorite part of the morning is where he wakes up a little, lays his face on mine, gives me a kiss and goes to sleep. That right there is the jackpot of life!