Monday, March 14, 2016

Menu Monday

I've done really well planning out my meals for the week. We rarely eat out these days. Maybe once a week. Here is what we are eating for dinner this week.

Lentil Bolognese
Chicken & Asparagus with coconut rice
Sweet Potato and Turkey skillet
Chicken and potato soup
Honey garlic chicken
Hamburgers with homemade fries

Over the weekend I made pork fried rice. I have tried to make fried rice many time and it just doesn't turn out anything like the Chinese restaurants. Well I finally found the best recipe! The recipe doesn't call for pork, but I added some. I cut up some pork loin really small and fried it with the veggies. Then I served some garlic green beans along side of the rice. Art and George loved it! Art agreed it tasted great and asked for leftovers for work. He normally doesn't like leftovers to take to work. He is simple. He just wants a sandwich he can take with him.