Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Monday!

My Monday started off different than Monday's in the past. I was woken up to a soaked bed from a toddler whose diaper leaked. He was running around the room with a wet onesie, chasing after a balloon laughing hysterically. I told him we needed to change him and boy did that stop the hysterical laughing. I rangled him into clean clothes and a diaper. I had to then wash all our bedding including toddlers blanket and pillow. He saw me putting the blanket and pillow into the wash which started an epic meltdown. The screaming continued as I got the washer running and everything stuffed inside. Finally I was able to get him distracted.  We had a couple more meltdowns before I insisted we put on our shoes to head outside. I mean we have to wear this child out because the energy he is using to scream is making me crave a bottle of alcohol. 

Art text me to see how my day was going. I responded with the following:

"It's Monday. Instead of dealing with crazy clients I deal with craziness at home. Woke up to a soaked bed. Epic meltdown because I washed his blanket. Lots of hysterical this morning. Now we are outside and he is happy. Lol"

My days are so much different than they were six months ago. I honestly love them. Even thought the morning started out crazy it turned into a great day. I wouldn't trade the meltdowns to go back to work for a zillion dollars. We played in the sand while we listened to Barney songs outside for an hour. What better life is there?