Thursday, July 21, 2016

Holy Heifer!

Today we had a real problem. I spent years working in an office receiving phone calls with peoples problems. I said for years everyone needs to work on a farm/ranch to realize what a real problem is and how not to freak out over something fixable. 

Dad calls me from the pasture as I'm getting ready to take him to town. He says we have a problem a heifer put her head through a corral panel we are going to have to saw it off. I load up a bunch of hand saws & George into the pick up and drive out to the pasture. 

That heifer was going crazy. We tied the corral panel to the pick up. Dad tells me to drive some, so the heifer will pull her head through the panel.  That didn't work. Finally she wore herself out and laid down. I jumped out of the truck, grabbed all the saws and got to sawing. I sawed and sawed. Then she jumped around and the panel bent so I could barely saw in that place anymore. George was standing in the truck yelling MOMMA, MOMMA. I took my phone over to him & turned on Elmo. That helped for awhile. 

Dad was getting really tired and hot. I told dad we need some help. We drove to dad cousin next door to see if he could help, but he wasn't there. We went in the house to rest a little and get rehydrated. It was really hot at 7:30am.  Dad called a few neighbors. One said he would be right over with a battery powered grinder. 

Neighbor comes over and tried to start sawing on the panel. The heifer started to go crazy.  Neighbor ends up driving his truck on the panel to keep the heifer down. He was able to saw through the corral panel. Then the heifer flips. He had to move his truck before the heifer broke its neck or strangled itself. We were able to lift the panel, so the heifer was able to get free. 

Holy heifer what a morning!  Im thankful for neighbors that come to help in a time of need.