Monday, November 30, 2009


Today I had a check up with my doctor. I have been dreading my appointment all weekend. Today at 9am Art and I were suppose to hear a heartbeat. I was crying last night as I went to bed. I was so sad because I feel like life can be so unfair at times.

I arrived at the doctors office and the nurse called me back. She was so sweet!!!! She asked me how I was doing, was so caring and concerned. We were talking about Thanksgiving etc. She said her whole family came over and her niece just had a baby. She said my niece had a miscarriage and 3 months later found out she was pregnant. Now her niece has a beautiful little boy. She told me a couple other funny family stories and I was cracking up at her.

The doctor came in and was just so incredibly caring! He sat and talked with me. Check to make sure I was doing ok physically and emotionally. He reminded me a few times it's ok to feel sad. He said you have been through a lot physically and emotionally. He talked to me how this is how things should happen with nature. If things aren't right nature will take care of things. Just the way he talked to me was so touching!

I honestly wasn't sure about him the first time I met him. I almost changed doctors. I am so glad I didn't. Him and his nurse are just the best! I felt I was able to get through the appointment with a positive outlook.

Good news is I lost 5 pounds since I was there on November 19. Wooo I just need to lose 3 more and I am down 10 pounds since October 19.