Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am officially 29 on the 29th. Today has been a wonderful day. Art got up and made me french toast for breakfast. It was seriously some of the BEST french toast ever! Around 12:30 we went over to his parents for pizza, cake and presents.

When Art turned 40 I bought him stuff he would need for his elderly age. Well today he informed me I am getting old, so he wrapped up some of the same items. Epsom salt, pill dispenser, denture cleaner, mouse traps to trim my toe nails, paint brush to put on my make up and some old mirrors I had put in the trash. All these items were in a box. I kept looking for a gift hidden in the box. There was not gift.

The next box I opened I wasn't expecting much. There was a little blue bag with a diamond necklace!!!!! Whooooo hooooooo!!!! It's sooo beautiful! I have to get a new chain for it because the chain that came with it is to short.

Art's parents gave me money and Amber bought me a cd. I received my gifts from my parents last week. My parents sent me some clothes, gift cards and various other things. Lacey sent me a cd, meat hammer (I requested the meat hammer) and I don't remember what else was in the box. Elderly age is setting in!

It was a great day! Now I am just going to relax!


lacey said...

my cd should get its own blog LOL