Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas List

Here are a few items for my Christmas list.
1. Houndstooth Bag - Target
I had the above bag in my cart tonight at Target. I took it out when I found 2 shirts I wanted to buy with my gift card. I couldn't justify buying 2 shirts and a new bag. I LOVE this bag! It would be sooo cute to carry to work!
2. Brown Riding Boots - Avenue

I went and tried these boots on today. They looked super cute! I took Art with me to see where the store was and what size to buy.

3. Itunes gift card - I need some new music for my ipod. I listen to my ipod to and from work every day.

4. Black Sweater - Lands End
5. Bath & Body Works shower gel - Sweat Pea, Coconut Lime Verbena and Cucumber Melon

6. Julie & Julia Book
7. Microfiber blanket - brown

8. Rachael Ray - orange ladle & spoon

I even made a Stocking list. lol

1. shaver - I use Art's shaver and he gets so mad. He says it dulls the blades. I told him for Christmas he could get me one like his for my stocking. He has the mach 3. I couldn't find them at the store. He claims he found the "girl" version. I would be perfectly happy with the "boy" version. That thing works so great!

2. Paul Mitchell Strength shampoo & conditioner - LOVE this stuff!

I think for stockings this year I am going to buy practical things instead of little knick knacks. I am trying to stop buying gifts that people won't use. My list of items above are all practical and I will use every single item. :)