Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 days left in 2009

Technically there is about 27 hours left in 2009. I feel like 2009 was one of the longest years and most eventful years of my life. I also feel like 2009 just started! It feels like yesterday my family was here packing to head home. Today they are packing and ready to head home tomorrow. Sad day! I love it when my family is here! I wish they lived closer!!!!!

Here are a few things that happened in 2009.
  1. Art was promoted to store manager with his job
  2. I quit my job the day he was promoted - what timing!
  3. Celebrating ONE year of marriage!!!!
  4. I went to visit my family in ND for my moms 50th birthday
  5. Sent my resume to about 600 businesses
  6. Art turned 41
  7. I got a job
  8. Art opened his new store
  9. I got job #2
  10. Brett Favre went to play for the Vikings the one team I have always hated!
  11. Found out we were pregnant
  12. Had a miscarriage
  13. I turned 29
  14. We were approved for a home loan
  15. We started house hunting!!!

Here are a few things I hope 2010 brings:

  1. We find our home
  2. Our job's stay secure
  3. The economy starts to get better & grow
  4. A chubby little baby


Fischsticks said...

Hey Beck, I hope all four of those things happen this year for you! Oh, and it is totally the year for chubby babies (or so I'm told)it will happen and by the end of your pregnancy you will be talking to your baby and asking if it could try to not be too chubby when you are trying to push it out. ;)Happy New Year a few hours early!