Sunday, December 6, 2009

House Hunting

Today Art and I went house hunting for the first time. Our morgage was approved last week. I didn't think we would find anything today, since it was our first time. The first house we looked at I was so discouraged because of all the work that is needed. The realtor took us next door to a house that was update with the same floor plan. AMAZING!!!! Although they wanted $125K more for that house. It gave me hope that the crummy house could be fixed up.

Off to house #2. House #2 was NICE! It needs minimal work. The master bathroom needs new flooring and the shower redone and new molding through the house. It was new paint, nice carpet, hardwood floors, a nice backyard. The garage needs to be painted and cleaned. Overall nothing major needs to be done.

We looked at a few more houses after that. One of the houses had dark panelling on the walls. GROSS!!!! One of the rooms had a 1/2 bath. It looked like someone had smacked up a wall and threw in a toilet & sink. It was just a gross house! Aw no thanks!

We decided tonight to put an offer in house #2. I have a feeling we will be one of many offers that will be put in on the house. I contact our realtor and she is in the process of getting all the paperwork ready. Tomorrow morning we will sign the papers and submit them. Craziness!!!!

If this is the house for us it will all work out!!!!