Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st Spray Paint Project

Today Art and I went to a couple of thrift stores. I was so excited to find some bargains. I found 2 dressers that I wanted SUPER bad, but we have no room for them right now. I did buy a rocking chair for $12. The rocking chair is missing the cushions, but I figured I will make some to match the living room. The rocking chairs with cushions were $39 and I would have recovered the cushions. I bought a lamp for $4, picture frame below for .99 and a lamp shade for $6.

When Art saw the picture frame he asked why I was buying a 1970 gold picture frame. I told him I was going to spray paint it white. He thought I was crazy. I also bought the lamp to spray paint.

I think it turned out great! I can't wait to spray paint more stuff!!!!


mamakrystal said...

Fabulous!!!!!!! said...

uh oh, you've been bit by the paint bug! I love how great spray paint is! It changes things so quickly!

Jen @ said...

Spray paint is wonderful stuff! It looks great!