Sunday, January 3, 2010

House Hunting Week 5

I can't believe we have been house hunting for 5 weeks. Week 1 & 2 we put in offers. Week 3 we took off because we were waiting on an offer. Week 4 we found nothing. Week 5 we found 2. One of the houses has been flipped and is all up to date. It's a super cute little house. Down side no garage. If there isn't a garage it's a no deal for Art. Going into house hunting we had a list of things we wanted in a house. Some of our list has been negotiated. You have to negotiate when a budget is involved.

We are putting in an offer on another house. It needs some mirror work. It looks like the people were told to leave in an hour. They left a ton of stuff. The realtor told us they might not be able to come back for any of the stuff. I am not sure I want all that junk. There was some antique sewing machines. There is a nice finished shed in the back that was used as an office. One ad says the shed is not staying. Not sure how they plan to get the shed out. lol

This brings me to the 3rd to last house we looked at. OMG!!!!! When we pulled up the yard was FULL of junk. I said "THIS HOUSE"? It's awful! When we get to the door there are 2 dogs running around. The guy yells come in. We walked in and HOLY COW! These people were hoarders. The kitchen was packed full of stuff, stove full of junk, living room there was only room to sit down, the guy was packing I don't know what. A woman came out of a back bedroom. She said sorry for the mess, but we are trying to pack. This was BEYOND just packing. The floor had cardboard thrown down. I went into the bathroom and the bathtub was LOADED with clothes. Art couldn't get down the hallway to the bedrooms. At this point I walked out of the house.

Every week is an adventure. I am really tired of looking at houses. Yes, I know it's only been 5 weeks. I just feel week after week it's full of disappointments. Our house is out there and we will get one eventually. Although when we are done with our search I will miss some of the insane houses we walk through. Always an adventure. I just bust up laughing now when I see somethings.

We will be house hunting on week 6. We already have some houses lined up to look at next week. We figured we will keep looking since we have no idea if our offer will be accepted.


mamakrystal said...

hoarders...that's what I call them. Losers who pack so much crap in a home that it's disgusting.