Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ikea Purchases

Remember this post? I made a trip to Ikea to find the frame I was in love with and guess what....they had a TON of them. I was sooo excited. I am the proud owner of this beauty!
I also found this beautiful chandelier to hang in our bedroom.
I can't wait to find a house, so I can hand these items up. I think it's going to add a TON to our bedroom.


mamakrystal said...

Love that chandelier...if I had a walk-in closet. I would totally put that there...it's so "sex and the city"ish!

Natalie Catherine said...

we have that chandelier in out nursery! i love it! i want to put two of those in our next kitchen but the hubby isn't so sure. i'm going to convince him yet!! ;) i love sparkles.