Monday, January 18, 2010

Rocking Chair

I will soon have pictures of the rocking chair I bought at good will. I paid $12 for the glider rocking chair. It's in really good shape. Just needs to be cleaned up and cushions. I was going to make cushions. I started checking out prices of fabric and cushions. It was going to be $30-40 bucks just to make them. I found some cushions at JCPenney's online last night. I ordered them for $35 bucks. Today I went back online and saw they were $24.99. JCPenney's cancelled my order, so I could order the same cushions cheaper. Since the cushions are on clearance they can't do a price adjustment.

I should have my cushions this week. I am sooo excited. Everything all together will be about $45 bucks. I love a good deal!