Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Lacey!!!!

Twenty-Two years ago the most amazing person came into my life.  My brother & I had prayed every night during family devotions for a couple years that God would give us a baby sister or brother.  We just didn't understand when our parents told us they couldn't have any more babies that a miracle couldn't happen.  God performed miracles all the time, so why couldn't we have a miracle?

Well our prayers were answered!  The morning my dad told us we had a little sister I screamed, ran around the house and jumped for joy.  Billy was excited too, but was not happy with my in your face attitude that it was another girl.  He was SURE it was a boy. lol

Lacey brought us all so much joy over the years.  Some of the videos we have still make us laugh!  Lacey always had a joke to tell or something funny to say.  She never held back what was on her mind.  When Lacey was about 2 yrs old my grandparents were visiting.  My grandpa dressed her in an outfit that didn't match.  She went crying to my mom the minute she got home that her outfit didn't match and she needed new clothes.  She said grandpa wouldn't let me change. 

Over the years my sister has become my best friend.  We were attached at the hip until I decided to move half way across the country from my family.  Lacey would come spend the summers with me in CA.  The day she would leave was the worst day ever! 

Here are a few pictures of Lacey. 

Hope you have a GREAT birthday Lacey!!!!


Susan Franks said...

aww...what a sweet story! Happy Birthday to Lacey!

Lil' Woman said...

Happy Birthday to Lacey!