Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I use to refer to Valentine's day as HATE day. I HATED valentines. I thought it was such a commercial day & I never had a boyfriend on this stupid day either. Five years ago my hatred for valentines turned into love. One man changed it all!

I had given my phone # to this hot soldier I had been emailing for months, while he was over seas. When he came home he let me know and wanted to go out. I wasn't interested in dating at the time, but I thought what will a dinner hurt. He wanted to go out on valentines. I refused telling him I had plans, which I did and if he wanted to go out he could wait till Thur the 16th. I busy with friends the other nights.

He called me on valentines day for the first time. What a relief I felt when he sounded normal!!! Lol. We went to dinner on the 16th & have been together ever since that day. Five years later he is still as romantic as the first night when he had me eat a super hot pepper. I played it off like it was nothing and had him try the pepper. :) Now he jumps out of closets to scare me half to death! He does have beautiful taste in jewelry which makes up for the tricks he plays on me. My wonderful husband bought me a pair of gray & black pearls for valentines this year.

I love you Art!!!!


Lil' Woman said...

Happy Valentine's Day!