Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our visit to see our tax lady was like stepping back into 1980s in Beulah, ND. The office even had an old stale smell to the place. Orange vinyl chairs filled the small receptionist area. Where a small partition separated the tax lady from the receptionist area. You could hear everyone business while you waited!!!

I found out the lady in front of us was divorced, her ex husband paid her alimony & health care. She didn't get any money from the sale of the house.

A biker husband & wife waited while slurping coffee. The woman was poured into leather chaps with slick back thinning gray hair. While she talked to her husband she picked at his facial hair with left over food.

The receptionist looked like a home school mom in her permed hair, corduroy long dress lacking any shape, silk scarf, tights and round toe shoes.

The office was a mismash of office furniture each accountant brought with them from home or found at the good will store.

All the above was observed within 5 minutes of entering the office.