Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My very first piece of furniture I bought....is now SOLD to the first bidder!

Back in 2003 I bought my very first grown up bed and made my very first furniture purchase.  I worked very hard to be able to buy a nice bed.  One thing I didn't take into consideration when I bought a bed was would it fit in my bedroom?  I eyeballed and thought oh yeah that bed will fit with no problem.  WRONG!

When the furniture company delivered my bed to my parents house I couldn't shut my bedroom door.  The first thing my dad said was "did you measure the bed & the bedroom before you bought it?"  Ugh no dad why would I ever do such a thing as measure?....finally we moved the furniture around enough to close the door.  If I wanted to get to my closet I had to jump across the bed or squeeze at the foot of the bed.

When I moved out on my own I didn't make the same mistake twice.  I had my bed measurements with me when I went apartment shopping.  I measured each bedroom carefully to make sure my bed would fit.  BINGO I found a place with enough room for the bed that wouldn't break the bank.  

Fast forward a few years to when I get married and found an apartment with my husband. Time to move the bed again......the bed barely fit into our bedroom.  It fit...I didn't have to jump across the bed to the closet or squeeze around the foot of the bed.

Each time I moved the bed I was lucky enough to haev a moving company haul the massive bed.....well when we bought our house we were cheap and didn't hire movers.  I decided I wasn't going to move that bed one more time on our own!  It also looked like a twin bed in our massive bedroom.  We decided a couple months ago to buy a California King Size Bed = HEAVEN!!!!

I didn't want to sell my bed because it was my first big furniture purchase.  I hung on to it for a little while before I listed it on Craiglist.  Then I watched a few episodes of Hoarders.....People keep furniture because it was their grandma's, mom, first bed, etc.  That did the trip...I am NOT going to be a hoarder and keep things because it was the first bed I ever bought. 

Today I sold my very first piece of furniture on Craiglist.  It had taken up a large amount of room in the garage.  I made a deal with the lady if she would pick it up today I would take money off.  She showed up tonight and hauled my bed away. I didn't even feel bad because cash in my pocket felt better. :)


Krystal said...

Good job girlfriend!! I got rid of my furniture right away when we got the house...my garage loved me even more!!!