Thursday, February 10, 2011

On Christmas Eve my dad and I ran to Target.  When I pulled into the spot there were 3 square bails.  I parked too close to the one, so dad couldn't open his door.  I said well let me move it, so you could get out.  I could barely move the huge things.  It was soooo full of water and heavy.  Finally I get it moved enough for dad to get out of the car.  The entire time dad was making fun of me that I was a whimp. 

This is how we left it when we went into the store.  Well the people next to us I guess couldn't get into their car because when we came back it was tight against our door.  Dad had to move it this time around.  He said oh wow I thought you were joking about them being heavy...those are some heavy bails.  See I am NOT a whimp.  It had rained for a week prior to Christmas and who knows how long the bails had been laying there.

Dad and I had such a laugh over the fact we are in the middle of the city and there are 3 square bails.  Dad thought he could leave the country, but it finds him no matter where he goes.


Ashley said...

how funny! so weird that there were bails in the middle of the parking lot!

Krystal said...

muahahahahahahahahahahaa, ahhh what I would have done to be a fly on the car opposite of you guys.