Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Three years ago today our family & close friends joined us as we said "I Do"! The day started out similar to other Saturdays for me. I woke up early very excited as I was about to become a "Mrs"!!! I started laundry & cooked some food. My mom & friends kept telling me to sit down & relax. Why? I knew if I sat down I would get nervous.

I had some friends come over to have lunch, listened to music & watch some bad reality tv. I text Art that morning, but he wouldn't answer me. Hmmm. He had his BF call me & say he wouldn't be taking any text or phone calls from me. I was very superstitious & said we couldn't see each other before the weekend. I didn't want anything jinxed. So he said if we can't see each other then we can't talk or text. ****insert eye rolling here****

I had 1 friend do my make up, another friend did my hair & my mom & sister helped me get dressed! All of a sudden it was time to head to the wedding.  I cherish that moment of having my parents & sister riding together. To me it was perfect & we laughed the whole way. Mom driving, me in the front seat stuffed in there looking like an extra large marshmallow, Lacey & dad in the back seat.  See that moment brought back lots of memories. Mom was always the one to drive. Dad would be eating dinner in the car or would get ready as we sped down the road to church. The only time dad drove was when we were hauling a load of cattle to the auction.

As we arrived at the hall Lacey made sure Art wasn't around. I just want to catch a glimpse of my groom. All the bridezilla moments were all worth it because I was about to marry the man I had been searching for since I was 5. Yes, I wanted to be married since I was 5.

A day wouldn't be complete without craziness in my life. I spend hours making a monogram aisle runner with our initials & wedding date. One thing I forgot to think of was what if it is windy outside! It is an outdoor wedding. Lacey went to roll the aisle runner down & it became a kite. Flying around. I yelled just grab that thing & throw it in a back room. LOL! Then right as the music starts to play for the bridal party to walk down the aisle two people arrive at the wedding...and decide they want to hug family members & start talking. I went from weepy bride to BRIDEZILLA in 2 seconds flat. I told my dad tell those women to sit down & shut up!!!!! I was livid! My dad is trying to keep me quiet & saying not to be rude to people. Then the dj plays all the wrong songs! Could my grand entrance get anymore crazy????

I composed myself, slapped a smile on my face, grab my parents arms & went charging down the aisle! I had both my parents walk me down the aisle. They both brought me into this world & they both needed to give me away. I didn't think it was fair to leave my mom bawling at the front alone, so she bawled as we walked down the aisle. :)

The rest of the day was amazing!!!! I saw a new side of my husband that day! As we stood there saying our vows I saw a couple tears roll down his cheeks. I felt like I could melt! Thinking about it now makes me cry....it was the sweetest moment!!!!  We had such a wonderful evening with all our family & friends! It was worth every stressful moment!

The night was complete with us driving through Jack in the Box with a decorated Just Married truck, us in our wedding attire, and ordering burgers. Then we got to the hotel & I ran in to check in while wearing my dress & flip flops!

Three years later we are still living happily ever after.......The End!


Krystal said...

Happy Anniversary bestie, hope you guys have had a fun Amtrak-ed vacation!!!

Lil' Woman said...

Happy Anniversary! : )

Kim Fischer said...

It was a great day including the pick-up truck we rented for the occassion...as we rented a mid size car and when we got to Enterprise...to our surpise all they had was a white truck to rent...we laughed and said it will be fitting since all our life was traveling around in a pick-up most of Becky's grwoing up years!!! LOL!!! Great memeories!!!

Kim Fischer said...

Great memories...to my sweet daughter and her wonderful husband!!! You forgot the part about we rented a midsize car at Enterprise and when we got there al they had available was a white truck...so as in most of our lives we spent in pick-up trucks....so was our daughters most special day going to the church in a pick-up truck!!! It was such a special day for a special couple!!!

Maria said...

Many Many Many more ! Felt like I was there too !!! :-)