Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Do you need an Avon Representative?  Check out Julie website for all your Avon needs.  Click HERE to be directed to Julie's website.  Avon has been around for 125 years! 

One of my favorite Avon items is the Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion.  It only costs $4 per bottle and is one of the BEST eye make up remover EVER!!!  I wear black eyeliner every.single.day.  Even if I don't wear anything else I always have on black eyeliner!  It's a MUST have!  It can be very difficult to remove black eyeliner.  I have never had one issue of removing the black eyeliner with this amazing product! 

Not only is it amazing the bottle also lasts a long time.  You only need about a pea size per eye depending on how much eye makeup you are wearing.  One bottle lasts me about 9-10 months using it daily.


Elizabeth Layson said...

I'm going to try this product. I wear blue-black eyeliner every day too and it's a pain to get it off!!