Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reno Part 2

Night 1
We went to see Bo Bice.  He was the runner up on American Idol season 4.  He lost to Carrie Underwood. We were sitting pretty close to the stage, but the Nugget crams you in there like a bunch of sardines.  I thought the concert was very good...Art thought it was ok. He said he wouldn't buy any of his cd's, but he wouldn't turn the station if he came on the radio.

Day 2

Virginia City!!!! I was on the look out for the Cartwright's!  I was hoping maybe they would have some business to do in Virginia City!

 I love how beauty of this church!

 I looked across the street & there is the Sheriff!!!!

 I walk out of a store & there is a gold miner & donkey coming up the street! This guy reminded me of the movie Brighty.  Billy, Lacey & I use to watch Brighty all the time when we were little.

 Dentist Office above
 I want one of these moustache cup's for my house!!! OMG it's sooo cute!!!

 Art went to jail! I bailed him out & they threw me in next!

I had a grand time in Virginia City....didn't run into the Cartwright's though! It was fun to go there & walk through all the cute stores.


Lil' Woman said...

That Virginia City looks cool...I would def. want to go there.