Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Bunny

Is this not the FUNNIEST picture!  I think it might top some of the horrid santa pictures I have seen.  The little boy is my friend Pam's son.  She text me this picture and I just couldn't stop laughing!  Poor little G man doesn't like the Easter Bunny!


Laurie said...

That pic is hilarious! Poor guy. My son did the same thing when he saw Clifford the Big Red Dog at a bookstore. From a distance Clifford looked cute but the closer he got, the bigger he got! My son nearly fell apart!

~Me said...

:) Thats my baby! I knew you'd appreciate this one ahaha xoxo

Lil' Woman said...

It's so wrong but I love the pics of kids when they're hysterically crying on characters laps.