Saturday, April 16, 2011


The first part of April I traveled to Seattle for work.  I had been to Seattle about 10 years ago, but I didn't make it to Pike Place or to the first Starbucks.  Starbucks deserves a post of all it's own. :)

I took a cab from my hotel down to Pike Place and went on an adventure.  I was in such a hurry to make sure I saw everything.  I rushed myself and felt like I had been gone for hours.  From the time I took a cab to I walked the 1.5 miles back to my hotel I was gone an hour & a half.  SERIOUSLY....why was I in such a hurry to go NO WHERE! lol

Art was texting/calling & directing me places to check out.  I had to text my foodie friend Krystal to tell her she would LOVE this place.  There was sooooo many great places with food. 

Pike Place Fish Co. 
This is not your average fish market.  These guys interacted with the audience, threw fish & yelled out orders.

 The fist below could be moved.  A little boy went up to touch it & the guy behind the counter pushed the fish out & scared the little boy.

 Fresh flowers!  They were beautiful!

I was a little confused by the couple in the middle of the screen.  They were acting like they were in a Hollywood movie all in love & kissing.  I was waiting for the guy to drop to his knee or for a camera crew to appear.  Behind them was a photographer taking engagement pictures.

Art kept telling me I had to try Pike Place Chowder.  I tried the seafood chowder & it was amazing!

Beechers Handmade Cheese 
AMAZING mac & cheese!!!!!  I could have spent a ton of money in this place & bought a ton of cheese. They make the cheese right there. I only left with a small container of mac & cheese.

I was in line for this place, but didn't end up going there. I thought I had enough stuff with the chowder & mac & cheese.  After I left I heard from my cousins this was the BEST place.  Ugh & I missed it!


Lil' Woman said...

Yummy goodness all around! :)

Elizabeth Layson said...

Rich and I LOVE Seattle!! We actually talked about moving there, before we ended up out here :) And Pike's Place Market is amazing!!