Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is good advice! I try not to ever answer emails when I am angry.  When one of my employees asks me for a favor and I am mad, I do not answer them until I have cooled off.  One of them recently asked me for a day off when there were other people out. I irritated with other nonsense going on, so I didn't answer them. I gave her the day off because she is such a hard worker and deserved the time. If I had answered during that irritated moment it would have been NO! 

I don't like the word promise.  It has always irritated me when kids say well you promised. Did the parent actually say I promise blah blah. It is just an irritating word/phrase.  I don't make promises! I also don't try to break committments. 


Lil' Woman said...

Agreed :)