Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hunting & Brett Favre

Gander Mountain & Remington are giving away a hunting trip with Brett Favre!  My grandpa called me over the weekend to let me know he entered the contest.  He said if he wins I can go in his place.  I can hear the angels singing haaalleeeeluuuujaaaaah!!!!

Grandpa said he would be going back to Gander Mountain on Sunday to put Art and my name in for the contest too!  If one of us won this could be the most exciting day of my life to hunt with Brett Favre. lol

If you would like to enter my name in daily here is the link.


Carrie said...

I entered...but I think I entered for myself. If I win you can go in my place too :) and maybe I'll swing by my Gander Mtn this weekend to enter you over here on the east coast!