Thursday, October 20, 2011


Remember the mustard sweatshirt that I love?  Guess what I found at Old Navy in the mens section this past weekend!!!!!  The sweatshirt!!!!!  The sweatshirt is missing the hood, but has the front pocket and 3 buttons down the front. Eeekkk!!!!  I can't find them online, but they do have them in the store in black, gray, navy and burgandy. The sweatshirt was $35 bucks & 50% off.  I am now an owner of the navy blue!

Kendra I didn't make it and not buy any clothes :(  I also found a pair of jeans for $6 bucks.  They had so many great deals at Old Navy this past weekend!


Kendra said...

Aw! Its okay that you didn't make it. Those are GREAT deals!

Lil' Woman said...

Those are so cute!! : )