Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I have been blessed with such an amazing mom. My mom knows how difficult mothers day has been for me the past couple of years.  She has sent me mothers day cards with a little notes. She always mentions that we are both mothers with babies in heaven. As difficult as it is she always tries to make it special for me. 

Each year I celebrate the amazing mom I have. I also try to keep hope alive that hopefully next year is the year a little Post will be screaming at 2am in our house.  


LWLH said...

Happy Mother's Day to your mama!

Crazy Town ND said...

AWW Becky I am glad I ake thigs special b/c you are so special to me...I love you and keep hoping that next year we will have a little Post around, too!!! Thank you for making being a Mother proud and honored!!! Mom