Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bart Happenings

Two quick things.

1. I hate when people don't follow the Bart rules! I feel like a little kid and want to scream I'M TELLING!!!! This chick the other day sees a guy standing in line and then proceeds to step in front of the guy to be the FIRST in line. Then looks around like what??? Now weren't we taught in preschool not to jump in people in line? Of course the little guy wasn't gonna say anything to Big Bertha. She could have picked him up and moved him 3 rows down with a flick of her finger.  I really wanted to yank her big pony tail!!!

2. It always throws me off when crazy people come screaming through a train. A man is walking quickly through the train yelling "leave me alone man. I just want to be left alone". He was all one was near him. Obliviousness!


Maria said...

okay that is when ya stick your foot out and poops they tripped ! Outwardly "omg are you okay ..." Inward " blahahahaha " ;-)