Thursday, August 9, 2012


My mom always made me follow the rules. Well my dad too for that matter! I remember both of them enforcing rules on us and there were consequences when they were broke. So I'm blaming my parents for this newest Bart mishap!

On the escalators the people on the left side keeps moving while the people on the right side stand still. There are certain Bart rules people just follow. It's the newbies and Giant baseball fans who are rule breakers. It drives me batty!!!

I was racing to my train, like I do everyday. A man with a suitcase gets on the escalator and stands in the left. Ugh!!!! I ask him to move to the right. Told him the left side keeps moving. The guy in front of him moved to the side. Newbies who didn't understand. They gladly followed the rules once they knew what they were.

The next set were not so understanding. Two women standing on the escalator chit chatting. One in each side. I nicely said the left side keeps moving. Well they moved to the side and I shot down the escalator. They yelled oh the left side keeps moving.....EXCUSE YOU in a very rude tone. I yelled back FOLLOW THE RULES!!!

See people if you would pay attention to all the others in front of you instead of living in the land of oblivion we wouldn't have these problems!!!!


Crazy Town ND said...

This cracked me up!!! Mom...yes follow the rules much simpler!!!