Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 Favorites from Last Week

 5 Favorite Items from Last Week!
Have you tried these mouthfuls for happiness? Cheryl's cookies are super soft, buttery, delicious cookies. Last week a vendor sent me a box of theses cookies. The day I opened them I put them away in my office because I wasn't sure I could share them. lol  Well I shared them with my staff. Everyone LOVED them!

2. Kale & Salmon
Fresh & Easy and Trader Joe's sell bags of kale for salads. I am sure other stores sell it, but I have only seen it at those 2 places. I really love kale! I picked up a couple bags at Fresh & Easy. I made a kale salad with tomatoes and salmon. I drizzled lemon juice over the salad. SIMPLY AMAZING!
3. Glitter Boots
I am LOVING things of glitter these days! I recently bought these boots for about $20 bucks. They are super cute and comfy.
I bought this curling iron recently and I lurve it! It is similar to the hot tools curling irons, but half the price. You can find it at Ulta for around $20 bucks.
5. Elfster Gift
Every year the A08 girls participate in Elfster. We draw names and send each other gift. Well I hit the jackpot of Elfs this year. My Elf Melissa sent me a beautiful scarf, bubble necklace, 2 bracelets and personalized stationary.
Melissa made the stationary. How amazing is that stationary?  It has crystals on it!!! I just want to frame it. lol Melissa said anyone with the last name Post needs personalized stationary.
I LOVE bubble necklaces! I just think they add a big pop to any outfit. It is cream and pink. Looks beautiful with gray. I have a hot pink and black one already, so the cream necklace is a great addition to my jewelry collection.
See the gold bracelet to the right - I wanted that bracelet so bad! I added it to my elfster list. I also added a lot of other things to my list.  The gold bracelet and the pearl bracelet look amazing stacked together. I wore them this past week. Beautiful!!
Scarfs are one of my favorite things in the winter. I wear a scarf every day and sometimes during the entire day depending on the temperature. The scarf is super soft and a beautiful creamy pink color!
Thank you again Melissa for the amazing gift! You outdid yourself!


LWLH said...

What a cute gift. I love that stationary.