Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 2-5

What grandma doesn't carry around a pocket full of pictures of their grandkids?  Well I feel like a typical granny when it comes to pictures. lol I was talking about Kaleb at work and I pull out my phone. I asked would you like to see some pictures. Where I showed like 10+ pictures on day 1.

I was able to spend all day Saturday with Amber & Kaleb.  Amber cracks me up because she asks everyone if they would like to change Kaleb diaper. The way she asks is like a super fun event.

Kaleb hates to get his diaper changed, but he doesn't mind not wearing clothes. He takes after his grandfather in the farting department.  Amber and I both have said that is NOT me.

We just love this little guy so much!

Day 1 - sporting his own sun glasses. These are his sun glasses. They look HUGE on him. They are super tiny though.
Day 1 - wearing his skull pjs just like his mommy
Day 2 - getting ready to go home. He is wearing his reindeer outfit Grandpa & Mimi Post bought him. He is also going to wear it on Christmas day. I will be getting more pictures of him in it.

Day 3 - hanging out at home

Day 4 - waking up. Getting ready to go to the doctor with mommy & mimi

First doctor appointment

hanging out at home with mimi

Day 5 - snoozing with grandpa

Kaleb & Mimi


jenth said...

Aw, he is so adorable! Congrats, Becky!