Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reef Fishing

Art and I went reef fishing while we were in the Bahamas. Reef fishing is for littler fish. We caught a lot of sand fish, which are used as bait. We caught some yellow tail snapper, grunt, and a trigger fish. Art actually out fished me this time around. My reason for not catching fish was because I wasn't letting my line down low enough. Ugh!!!! If I had let my line all the way to the bottom I would have out fished Art. lol

Art caught the first yellow tail snapper

Hey, I got a BIG one!

Isn't that fish just beautiful! The colors were soooo bright. Art didn't keep this fish. The fishing guide said trigger fish are very hard to skin. That fish had some massive teeth. They were as big as Sammy teeth. lol

Look I caught one too!

Everyone fish!