Monday, December 3, 2012

Traveling with Toddlers er I mean adults

Traveling with my husband & me is like taking 2 toddlers. I need sleep and food or I'm throwing a tantrum or crying. Maybe both. Art will say let's get you some food so you get rid of the attitude. I pack snacks even for a 1 hour flight because there could be a delay. Pretzels or peanuts aren't going to cut it when I'm starving. Normally I pack a pb&j sandwich.

Art needs entertainment & drinks. If he doesn't have them he is complaining. He HATE taking carry on luggage, but he gets antsy without something to do. I made the mistake of not taking a magazine for him when we traveled to the Bahamas. Well he had to suffer with 2 Allure magazines lol

Becareful if you decide you want to travel with us. It could be a screaming, whining event!

Us the morning we left for our vacation!


Kendra said...

*note to self* LOL