Friday, May 31, 2013

Cleaning List

One of my friend recently told me about a cleaning list her & her husband have that works really well for them. They alternate the list every other week. I love the list! I think it is a great list to make sure everything is getting done on a weekly basis. I am going to try to have Art and I each take a list each week to get things done. Here are the lists.

List 1:
Vacuum carpet and couches
Clean bathroom sinks
Clean stove top, microwave inside and out, and wipe down outside of appliances
Clean toilets

List 2:
Swiffer and mop tile floors (kitchen and bathroom)
Windex mirrors and glass table tops
Clean the kitchen sink and garbage disposal
Clean shower
Remove everything and wipe down kitchen counters

Once a month:
Wipe down baseboards
Clean windows
(we alternate these two once a month)