Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hair Routine

Well the hair routine has changed yet again. In February I posted about a new hair routine. I do not like spending a lot of time doing my hair. My morning routine is 30 minutes on non-hair washing mornings and 40-45 minutes on hair washing mornings. So if a hair routine can't fit into that time frame it is not going to last. Unfortunately that is where the last hair routine ended up.

I have been using coconut oil in my hair for probably close to a year now. It really is amazing stuff and I can't stop raving about it. I have started putting coconut oil in my hair and letting it air dry. I am trying to avoid blowing it dry as much as possible. In the past 3 weeks I haven't used the blow drier once. I think it really helps my hair not feel dry. I have been washing my hair at night, letting it air dry and curling it in the morning. Or I have been doing my hair curly and washing it in the morning. 

I discovered how awesome coconut oil is on curly hair while I was letting my hair air dry a couple weeks ago. The curls just came alive from the roots all the way to the ends. I put some coconut oil on my fingers, scrunch my hair, spray some hair spray and wa-la my hair is ready to go.  Hair spray is something I will probably not ever give up. I really need the extra hold no matter how I do my hair.