Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Art!!!

Today Art turns 45!!!! This is birthday #8 we've spent together. On his birthday 8 years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend. My response was are you sure? Bahahaha I was head over heals for him and he wanted to date exclusively, so I needed to make sure he was sure. Eight years later I still drive him bonkers with my questions!

Here are 45 facts about Art. Luckily Amber, my mom, Lacey and Cindy came to my rescue when my mind went blank. How hard can it really be to come up 45 things? Well doesn't seem that hard until there are 35 blanks lol

1. Amazing husband
2. Loving father
3. Super proud grandpa
4. Soldier
5. Son
6. Prankster
7. Hard worker
8. World traveler
9. I found me a man who can cook!
10. Gardener
11. Tough
12. Builder
13. Welding expert
14. Read the entire Bible in less than a year!
15. Native California
16. Sammy's BFF
17. DIYer
18. Friend
19. Son-in-law
20. Brother-in-law
21. Uncle
22. Fisherman
23. Loyal
24. Croc wearer
25. Worm farmer
26. Kayaker
27. Red blooded loyal American
28. Art decided one year to dye his beard. I had bought him facial dye but he didn't like the color so we decided to use my sister hair dye. Well the hair dye was a little over powering, so he grabbed a mini beer bong to use as a breathing device. Luckily his beard was a nice red color and he was able to continue to get done fresh air.
29. Patriotic
30. Plant Whisper - that man can grow any type of plant or flower. It's amazing how he resurrects plants
31. Viking
32. Lotto winner dreamer
33. Tattooed
34. Red Bull Guzzler
35. Snoring Bear
36. Hunter
37. Respectful
38. Christian
39. Positive
40. Encourager
41. Glass half full
42. Love able
43. The man knows directions better than the back of his hand
44. Creative
45. MINE!

Dear I hope the next 45 years are just as exciting as the past 45 years. I know they will be exciting because I will be right beside you keeping them exciting :)

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband!!!!