Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Art & I are always pulling pranks on each other. The month of December we sure were on a roll. It was almost a daily event. Sometimes it was just us jumping out scaring the other or craziness around the house. 

I hung this lovely head as Art opened the door. Of ALL days he comes through the garage. He rarely ever goes through the garage. 

One morning Art says Good Morning Dear! I roll over, see this lovely pig face and my response....Why did you waste our money on that thing? Rolled back over and went to sleep. lol

I wrapped one of Art's gifts in all the leftover scraps. Layers & layers of wrapping paper. 

Art wanted a meat grinder for Christmas. I took the grinder out of the box, put in a hood and bread pan. I taped a note to the instructions - LOL You Wish!  Well I failed with taping the note to the instructions. lol