Saturday, January 18, 2014


One year ago I became part of a group I never imagine I would ever join - cancer survivor. I've thought a lot about the one year mark. I've been anxious to get to this point. I've struggled with what to write because I'm not sure I can put into words just how much the past year has changed me.

I went into surgery thinking it would be an easy fix, but walked away with a life long journey. Physically & emotionally it was a rough year. I wouldn't change one thing about the past year. I've said it before but going through everything God became so real. 

I struggled with how to celebrate year one. I don't feel I can say 1 year cancer free because my body won't ever be rid of cancer. I decided I will celebrate the years as a survivor. We will celebrate with cake & candles to represent each year. 

I recently had my one year check up with my surgeon. I asked her if she could believe it's been a year. I remember my first visit with her. I left crying because I would have a scar. Then that scar became nothing when lymphoma was mentioned - chemo would make my hair fall out. Now I don't even notice the scar. My left side of my neck is still numb and the scar is still pretty red on my right side. They have talked about different treatments for the scar. I'm not sure I will do anything because one day I will have another surgery. I will let them fix it then. 

Today I celebrate one year as a survivor of Medullary Thyroid Cancer. It is a journey that will follow me for the next 56 years (I have plans to be here until at least 89 years old). I look forward to watching medicine find a cure and giving all the MTC people hope for a full life! 


Carylee said...

Happy one year and here is to 56+ more! You already know you're my hero. <3

Kellys Reality said...

May god continue to bless you with health and happiness each year to come. My mother had cancer as well and every clean appt is a blessing. Happy 2014 :)