Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Answered Prayers

Have you ever prayed for big things for years and wonder why they just aren't getting answered? Then when they do get answered you sit there in a state of shock. That has been me the past couple months. I have prayed for some big things over the past couple years. In my eyes they were big requests. Asking God to answer these prayers the best he could. My pray even changed to if you aren't going to answer them can you help me accept things? 

What I have learned lately is sometimes the timing isn't right. Doors were shut when I wanted things to change. I prayed for a new job for probably close to 5 plus years. I wasn't happy with my job for many reasons. Every time I would look for a new job a door would close. Or I would get the wrong job offer. Or I would have a health issue. I just couldn't understand why in the world God wasn't listening to me. 

Looking back I can see how things were working out in God's time. How he was teaching me lessons. He was listening to me, but instead he was teaching me to be patient. I had to stop pushing for my timing and wait on His.  I LOVE Lauren Daigle song Trust in You. Not only do we need to trust in Him to get us through our trial, but to accept what is handed to us.