Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sushi Date

I have taken some time off work to be at home with George. On our first day home together I decided we needed to do something together for the first time. We went out for sushi for lunch. George hasn't had sushi before, so I thought it was a perfect thing for us to do. Don't worry I didn't feed him raw fish! 

It's always a little scary to take a toddler out for a meal. You aren't sure how they will behave while they wait for food or even once the food arrives for that matter. It was the perfect little lunch date! We played with some toys I keep in my purse while we waited for our food. George insisted that the chopsticks were straws. When I opened them he took them to put in the glasses. 

He tried to drink out of the chopsticks and was very confused why nothing was coming out. lol

He loved the Miso Soup. I wasn't sure what he would think of the broth, but he kept asking for more. 

I ordered chicken teriyaki, steam rice, and a couple pieces of a cooked salmon roll. He tore up that food! It was the perfect amount for the 2 of us. He would eat food right off the chopsticks. Thankfully we had 2 pairs, so I could use the other pair. lol

We will have to go again. He really liked the food. I like to introduce lots of foods to him, so he will be open to eating almost anything. So far the only thing he doesn't like is mushrooms. He will eat them cooked, but wants nothing to do with them raw. He throws them saying no no no. 

I am looking forward to our time together. We have lots of adventures planned.