Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was magical with our little boy! He was so excited about all the presents! He woke up and couldn't believe Ho brought more gifts. He opened a couple gifts, got his bus and was done opening gifts for awhile. He was so excited over this little Playmobile yellow bus. When you would ask him what he wanted for Christmas he would tell you a garbage truck, bus or choo choo. He got everything he asked for plus a lot more. 

Garbage Truck!

Food Truck like No No's. He called the man from the truck No No. 

He was fixing the wall with his new drill he got from Ho Ho. He was going around the house drilling away. 

No No and Pa bought him a suitcase, so he can have one like Momma and Da Da. 

I felt I cut back this year on gifts. I even returned some things because I just felt there was too much. I was glad I took some stuff back. He got sooooo much from all the family. Next year I think we will even cut back a little more. He was happy with everything he got, but he would have been happy with  a little too.