Tuesday, December 13, 2016


George is VERY into Ho (Santa) this year! He loved decorating the house for Christmas. I have a pair of Santa boots I put my the fireplace each year. He woke up from his nap after I put them out and was looking around the house for Ho! Ho was supposed to be in our house since he left his boots by the fireplace. 

We took him to see Ho a couple weeks ago. He was so excited to see him. Waving, yelling HI and kept pointing saying Ho. He was very patient and waited in line for almost an hour. We got there early too! 

Here he is smiling as we are next in line to see Santa. He just loved Santa!

When we got up to see Ho he wasn't too sure. I figured we had waited in line for long enough these Santa folks were going to have to give us a few minutes to let him warm up. Santa gave him a sticker. He sat on his lap, but wouldn't smile for pictures. I thought maybe he would scream like he did with the Easter Bunny. By the way when he sees a picture of the Easter Bunny he calls it a mouse. 

Santa gave him this cute hat! He had to wear it right away!