Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Parade!

The day after the Christmas tree lighting in Los Gatos they had a Christmas parade! This town is just my kinda place with Christmas related events! George loved the parade! He waved at the people in the parade like crazy! To start off the parade we took turns holding him on our shoulders. 

There were people in front of us with a blanket and chairs. They offered to let us sit with them. So very nice! George made himself at home, grabbed a chair and enjoyed the parade! We lasted about an hour and a half. The parade still had almost 100 more floats. I was freezing and hungry by this time, so I suggested we leave. George was not happy we left. He was having a blast! It always amazes me how he will sit for a parade. He rarely has time to ever sit still, but he will gladly watch a parade.